The Easy Path to Engineering Zen
Top teams have 3x more time for value-adding work they enjoy, but the typical path to get there is long and arduous.

So much to do, so little time

With so much to improve and limited resources, figuring what will have a real impact is a major challenge for engineering leaders.

Remote Work Practices

Unwritten requirements, inefficient review processes, and large work batches can cripple remote teams.

Inefficient Meetings

Excessive meetings or poor scheduling can prevent engineers from having focused work time.

Process Problems

Poor planning, estimation, and communication create rework and lead to unpredictable delivery.

Technical Debt

Fragile architecture, unreliable tests, and inadequate DevOps make work harder than it should be.

minware’s step-by-step scorecard

minware’s team health scorecard combines patent-pending time analysis technology with deep engineering leadership expertise to show you exactly what to do next.
7 / 7

1. Predictable Tasks

Small work batches, ticket/code linking, accurate estimates
3 / 5

2. Predictable Projects

Clear specifications, well-defined tasks, low scope creep
1 / 8

3. Predictable Capacity

Ample focus time, minimal rollover, reliable sprint commitments
5 / 6

Quality Guardrails

Thorough code reviews, low reverts, high bug fix vs. find rate
2 / 5

Tech Debt Guardrails

Use of modern technologies, tech debt ticketing and guidance
4 / 4

Wellness Guardrails

Sustainable schedules, psychological safety, career development

Everyone will love the results

Improving team health frees engineers to spend more time building software that customers love.

Off-Sprint Tasks

Ticket and commit data shows exactly how much coding time does not tie back to planned goals.

Incomplete Work

Incomplete work tracking measures effort toward tasks that don’t make it over the finish line.

Estimate Overruns

Commit-based time tracking highlights tickets that take up the most time relative to their estimates.

Blocked Time

Meetings and gaps in activity show how much time engineers spend blocked from doing development work.
Engineers First
Measure the business impact of things that slow down engineering