Help us make software engineering easier for everyone.

Our Story

minware was founded by Kevin Borders after bootstrapping his previous company,, to $86m in revenue and a private equity sale in 2021.

Kevin started minware to help others avoid the mistakes he made growing an engineering team from 0 to 40 and improve the quality of life for engineers.

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Where we are today

Kevin and Dan – the two founders – have been working on minware since late 2021.

After promising initial customer traction, we are growing our team to bring minware to a larger audience.

Who we're seeking

We are looking for people who care deeply about software engineering, like to help others, and share our values to join us as full-time employees.

What we offer

minware is amply self-funded with runway for the next two years. We offer competitive pay and benefits, as well as significant equity grants for early employees.

You will also have the opportunity to redefine how people engineer software and build something great with people who share your passion.


We are 100% remote and can hire anywhere in the U.S. (We are pre-COVID OG's of remote work. Our last company was featured in a Harvard Business School case study and you can read more here about how we've built trust remotely.)

Our Values

The greatest inspiration for our values is No Rules Rules, which describes Netflix's culture. Here are the principles that we believe are the most important:

  • Skepticism - minware's raison d'etre is helping engineering teams improve. This can only happen if people are skeptical of the status quo and want to do better.
  • Transparency and Candor - The more information people have, the better decisions they can make, and the faster they learn, even if it's something that is difficult to hear.
  • No Egos or BS - Nobody has it all figured out. Pretending you do only gets in the way of the truth, as does other nonsense like buzz words, jargon, and unnecessary powerpoints.
  • Freedom & Responsibility - We ascribe to Netflix's approach of "lead with context, not control" and strive for decentralized decision-making whenever practical.
  • Minimalism - Eliminating waste means cutting out everything that does not add value for customers – the business equivalent of discarding all that does not "spark joy."
  • Compassion - Health and happiness are more important than work, and every individual deserves to be treated respectfully like an adult.

Open Positions

All positions are 100% remote. We accept applicants anywhere in the U.S.