Introduction to minware

minware is a SaaS service that analyzes data from version control, ticketing systems, and calendars to provide insights about software engineering productivity.

minware's goal is to help your organization consistently follow best practices used by top-performing teams by providing a step-by-step scorecard and tracking the impact of improvements on productive engineering time.

Unlike a lot of engineering analytics tools that primarily focus on DevOps, minware tracks best practices across the entire software development lifecycle, from basic ticketing and version control hygiene to predictable sprints, roadmap delivery, and quality.

minware's key differentiator is our patent-pending time model, which precisely allocates work time to commit activity. It works by dynamically creating a schedule for each author based on their history (so you don't have to manually specify work schedules or time zones), and then allocating active work time between commits to the commit that follows.

If this is your first time using minware, we recommend following the Walkthrough Guide for a brief orientation.