Competitor Comparison

We decided to start minware – dedicating years of our lives and much of our own money – only after thoroughly evaluating the competition and seeing major gaps.

minware is the first platform to cover best practices across the entire software development lifecycle, including for scrum masters and product owners, not just engineers. minware also provides the best guidance about how to get better with our step-by-step scorecard.

We are confident that you will reach the same conclusion if you carefully evaluate the competition, so have included a page for each leading competitor describing how we stack up:

There are also at least 50 other companies offering some form of engineering metrics. Most of them only have DORA metrics, so are most similar to Haystack and Sleuth (which are virtually identical to each other). We haven’t seen any with notable advantages over those listed above, but please let us know if you find any who are doing better and we will happily add them to the list.