Sprint Completion Trends

View trends for points completed, rollover, and late additions vs. sprint commitment by team.
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The sprint completion trends report shows you how teams are trending toward their sprint commitment over time to help identify issues with scrum adoption and agile sprint practices.

The report highlights several scrum anti-patterns. First, it shows you what portion of points or tickets completed in the sprint have rolled over from multiple sprints. This can help to identify teams that struggle to start and finish tickets within a single sprint and expose long ticket lead times due to slow QA or deployment stages that prevent tickets from wrapping up in one sprint.

The report also breaks out points or tickets completed in a sprint that were added after the sprint began. A large amount of work added after sprint start indicates that teams have a high burden of unplanned or interrupting work that may impact their ability to deliver on planned roadmap commitments.

Finally, the report shows the total amount of work completed relative to the initial sprint commitment so that you can quickly identify teams that are either struggling to estimate properly or having issues completing their planned work due to other factors.