Cost Allocation Report

Build Alignment by Tracking Task Cost and Efficiency

The cost allocation report breaks down development time by task and activity, including off-the-books work.

See Where Time Really Went

Siloed Jira reports and other cost allocation tools typically miss over 50% of work because it is off the books (e.g., unticketed, unrecorded, or incomplete), causing managers to overlook the impact of technical debt, interruptions, and process issues.
minware measures exactly how much time was spent on each task and if it was used efficiently, or if it was overhead like context switching, meetings, and other interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the cost allocation report require time tracking?

No. minware's patent-pending time model automatically figures out what people were working on based on their ticket and version control activity to provide hour-level accuracy with no manual effort.

What changes do I need to make to how I use Jira?

None. Unlike some tools, minware will use whatever issue types, statuses, and custom fields you already have, no Jira changes required! The only thing you have to do for cost capitalization reporting is specify which fields or labels indicate capitalizable work.

How does the report account for nights, weekends, and time zones?

Unlike less accurate cost reporting tools, minware allocates 5 work days per week based on each individual's regular schedule, which automatically accounts for different time zones and off-hours work.

How do you know when someone is working on a ticket?

minware uses a combination of commit data, which may have tickets in branch names or pull request descriptions, as well as ticket assignment and status transition information to accurately attribute each hour to the right ticket.

Does the cost capitalization report include audit-level detail?

Yes, the cost capitalization spreadsheet export includes a sheet of detailed information how much time each person worked on each ticket each month to provide all the information needed for financial auditing in a standalone file.

How does the amount of capitalizable time compare to results from competing systems?

We have conducted competitive apples-to-apples comparisons with other automated cost capitalization reporting systems. minware's total capitalizable time is similar, and in some cases is slightly higher.

However, only minware provides a step-by-step scorecard to help teams improve their processes and increase capitalizable time.