Source Integrations

A majority of minware's insights depend on data from both version control and ticket tracking, though some will work with only one or the other. As such, we highly recommend setting up at least one version control system and at least one ticketing system for ingest into minware. Connecting a calendar system is optional and provides greater insight into time spent in meetings, but most of the reports work without it.

Supported Systems

minware currently supports integrations with the following systems. However, we can add new integrations for additional systems not on the list. Please contact if you are interested in an integration not listed here.

Version Control



Ingest Frequency

minware will ingest data nightly, typically between 2-7 AM Eastern time. This ingest process may take a few hours, depending on the size of your organization's data

Additionally, you can request that minware re-process data from your ticketing system by clicking on the "Sync Now" button available on certain reports. This ticket-only typically takes around five minutes to complete. It will only update ticket tracking data and will not ingest new version control or calendar data.